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Gratitude from our Participants

Thanks Bob and Diana for your help…I’m happy to connect with you again. Wishing you the very best with your next group!  And I think we may see each other again in Brazil in future.

Another thing I wanted to say, since I was in Brazil for that long {3 months}, I interacted with a lot of people, some guides, etc. while there.  I wanted to let you know that I was really happy that I went with you two, in your group for my first visit.  I think it was the best choice, and worked out great for me.  It gave me what I needed, and I think your approach to being a guide is a great one. And, your healing stories were best I’ve ever heard and very inspirational. and helpful to the healing work there. So thank you again for your work and the help you gave me. Peace.

Sue from Arizona

Thank you both for such a wonderful and joyous experience! My heart is singing in shear gratitude and praise. My life has been enhanced forever. I am grateful for the simplicity and the sincerity of your guidance. Thank you both for your love and presence.

Thom from MA

I have not ever been so cared for on a journey of any kind!!!

D.G. from TX

Thank you so much for facilitating this journey and  for helping to make so many dreams come true for so many of us. John of God is a vessel of healing but so are you…. I was healed as much by his work as I was by being in your presence

Nancy from CA

You are such blessings and I just can’t convey how grateful I am for all of your service.

Y.T. from CT

Thank you so for your generosity, creativity, and LOVE!!!

Bob from CA


M.J. from AZ

Both of you were so helpful to those of us experiencing John of God for the first time.

F.L. from NY

Thank you for your continuing service in God’s name.

Dana from PA

You are gifts from God and I can’t thank you enough.

C.R. from CT

I will always feel blessed that our first visit to the Casa was with you!

Debbie from NY

Thank-you so much for who you both are and the wonderful work you do.

Gretchen from NY

The trip with you two to the Casa was for me a totally life-changing event, one that exceeded my best hopes beyond any capacity to tell. I have experienced miraculous change, had all my prayers answered, and so much more. Thank you for all you did. I cannot even begin to say how much I valued the trip with you! Not only the impeccable organization, but also the perfect spirit with which you undertook this and guided us, the countless ways you created such a rich group experience, the fun companions you both are, and much more. I cannot wait to go again.

Susan from NY