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Join us for John of God Tours in Abadiania, Brazil

Join Bob and Diana for a spiritual journey to Abadiania, Brazil to meet world-renowned spiritual medium and healer Joao de Deus (John of God). Since ancient times, Shamans and spiritual healers believe that physical illness results from emotional and energy imbalances. Science has begun to acknowledge the need to address the value of alternative, holistic and integrative remedies. People from around the world have joined Bob and Diana for John of God tours, coming with hope in their hearts to the healing center known as the Casa de Dom Inacio in search of a miracle cure.

John of God tours are led by highly experienced guides, Bob Dinga and Diana Rose

For more than 19 years Bob and Diana have led John of God tours and shared the wondrous experience of John of God and the Casa de Dom Inacio with over 1,500 tour participants. Since 1999, we have been honored to witness the transformation that our John of God tours have provided to our tour participants. Learn more about Bob and Diana.

Our upcoming John of God tours:

Nov 19-Dec 1, 2018| Feb 11-23, 2019 | June 3-15, 2019 | 

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The entrance to the Casa de Dom Inacio in beautiful Abadiania, Brazil for John of God Tours

John of God Tours visit the Casa de Dom Inacio

This spiritual journey will transform your life.

John of God Tours take you to visit João de Deus


Joao de Deus (John of God)

and experience the healing power of

the Casa de Dom Inacio.

John of God says: “I do not heal anyone. It is God that heals. He, with his infinite kindness, allows the entities that assist me to bring healing and comfort to my fellow man. I am only an instrument in His divine hands.”

“We believe in miracles.” — Bob and Diana

Bob was healed from near-blindness in 1999 and continues to inspire people to open their hearts and imagine what changes can be possible for themselves. Learn more about Bob’s miracle. During the past 19 years, Bob and Diana have led more than 75 John of God tours, accompanying over 1,500 participants as they experience John of God and the Casa de Dom Inacio.

Diana Rose, Bob Dinga, Guides for John of God Tours

Diana Rose and Bob Dinga,

your tour leaders for the Casa de Dom Inácio


To serve people with love and compassion while taking them to the Casa de Dom Inacio to receive God’s gift of healing.