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Bob Dinga
Casa Tour Leader

Bob completed his 22-year corporate information systems career in 1991 and began his journey into health and healing. After being diagnosed with a rare eye disorder that would eventually lead to near-blindness, Bob pursued a career as a business manager in a holistic medical doctor’s office. Bob’s observations of how and why certain people heal themselves provided the motivation to challenge his retina specialist’s last words: “There is nothing more we can do for you.”

In 1999 Bob was designated as being legally blind and was told by his retina specialist that “There is nothing more we can do for you ….you should learn Braille while you still have a little vision”. (Read Bob’s Eyesight Recovery Story).

During that year, Bob traveled to the Casa de Dom Inacio four times. Following his fourth visit, he was able to drive a car again and read several pages of written material. Bob now works from his home where he works 7 days a week performing Casa related tasks. These tasks include corresponding via email and telephone to people worldwide who are seeking more information about John of God.  In the year 2000, Bob was granted permission by John of God to begin bringing people to the Casa. As of March, 2017, Bob has made 75 trips to the Casa.

Bob shares his miraculous story of recovery and teaches people to always maintain hope. His mission is to take people to the Casa to receive the gifts God has to offer.

Bob Dinga and Joao de Deys

Diana Rose
Casa Tour Leader

Diana completed her 24-year career as a flight attendant with United Airlines in 1992. For 7 years she owned Diana’s Organizing Service, specializing in organizing homes and offices.

Since 2000, Diana has been helping to organize and facilitate tours to the Casa with her beloved Bob. Diana’s unique background of travel experience, along with her organizational skills, provides each participant with the highest level of service and joy.

Diana Rose and Joao de Deus